LANDSCAPES focus on mountains, rocks, clouds, trees, bridges, buildings, boats, and water in waterfalls, and/or rivers or oceans. People and other objects are small with hardly any detail to enhance the landscape.

Landscapes describe some basic Chinese thoughts:

  1. Principle, reason, essence, inner law, fitness of things;
  2. Ritual, ceremony, and conduct;
  3. Goodness, virtue that unites people;
  4. Positive element and force;

These thoughts can be meditative, relaxing, and very peaceful.

Cloud Mystic

Floating clouds express sentiments of seeing past illusion, letting light in to make lives better through regeneration.  Let your own journey shine using the light within.

Pair of Cranes

The crane is the symbol of longevity and good health. When a pair of cranes are shown in a dancing ritual, they become goddesses of love and exemplify sharing of cheer.  This painting contains pine, also symbolizing longevity.

Waterfalls Alive

Sheer strength amidst nature’s grandeur, waterfalls symbolize energy within tranquility.

Yosemite Falls


The bottom of the fall is a hissing, clashing,
seething up-whirling mass of … spray
through which the light sifts in gray and purple tones,
while at times … the whole wild and apparently lawless,
stormy, striving mass is changed to brilliant rainbow hues,
manifesting finest harmony.
— John Muir

California Seascape


The cypress tree which belongs to the evergreen family with its dark leaves and hard wood is sinuous and full of gnarls, such as to be compared to people of high principles and sublime spiritual power.

O Banyan Tree


The banyan tree has a complex web of exposed roots, a giant trunk, and extended branches that include drooping branches that quickly go to the ground to take root.  Its symbolism is stability and adaptability.

Seven Geese

A flock of geese symbolizes cooperation and mutual assistance.  It expresses the communal behavior such as to never abandon a sick or wounded member of the flock.  Life’s cycles are sacred.

Winter Scene

Landscapes are peaceful, symbolizing regeneration of mind and spirit.  Winter expresses solitude, durability, stability, and flexibility.

Home Sweet Home

Chinese landscape painting expresses a way of life: thoughts and feelings which elevate the spirit.