Flowers and Birds

With this theme, the focus is on flowers and/or birds and can include rocks, grass, creeks, insects and other small objects for enhancements.

Spring Approaching

The plum tree blossoms at the end of winter heralding the return of spring, life, and hope of a new year.  The blossoms symbolize strength, fortitude and venerable old age.  This is commonly associated with poetry and learning.

Golden Pheasant

The golden pheasant, symbol of beauty and good fortune complements the beauty of the free wheeling wisteria clusters.

Peacock & Peahen

A happy marriage is the peacock and peahen.  The peacock also symbolizes beauty and dignity, and good fortune in business, a reason why there are many peacock paintings throughout the world.

“Spring!”  (Plum Blossoms)

Plum blossoms herald the return of spring, life and hope.  This flower is considered one of the “Four Gentlemen of Chinese Brush Painting” which symbolizes strength, fortitude and venerable old age.  Plum blossoms are associated with poetry and learning, such as an educated person.

Mandarin Ducks

Mandarin ducks mate for life. They are a symbol for love, loyalty, and faithfulness.

Cranes, Pine Tree & Plum Blossom

A birthday greeting, the pine tree symbolizes longevity, and the plum blossom good fortune.  The crane is a symbol of good health and longevity, and a bird of good augury.

The persimmon symbolizes happiness and tranquility of home. A homonym in Chinese for “profit,” it’s also considered a good omen for success in business.

Heliconia and Hummingbird

Exotic and graceful is the striking heliconia which grows freely in Hawaii and in the Tropics. Red, signifying good fortune, is a highly desired color in the Chinese culture.

Glowing Cheer

This plant, ixora, has bright orange and red blossoms, symbolizing luck and success early on (as the flowers bloom very quickly once grown). The round shape of the flower clusters and leaves are full of cheer. Ixora is a fairly common plant found in Hawaii.

Calla Lily with Dragonfly

Tall and elegant in stature, calla lily is a symbol of purity, grandeur, and simple elegance.


A tall and strong plant, hollyhock symbolizes fortitude with its multitude of flowers along a tall stem.  In China, the red petals are used as color dye, and the roots as medicine.

Birds of Paradise

The giant bird of paradise is majestic, stately, and exotic, being a symbol of diplomacy.  The white-eyed green birds enhance the aura of paradise.