FIGURES focus on people and living animals and may include rocks, trees, and flowers to enhance the subject.

Galloping 8

The Chinese see horses as a spirit of rendering service, till-death friendship, and loyalty.  They don’t seek recognition or material gain, suffer hardship without complaint, and gallop with inner pride.  A strong horse signifies a strong owner/family/nation.

Koi Jumping Dragon Gate

Koi (carp) symbolizes strength and perseverance.  A fish symbolizes wealth and abundance, regeneration, and harmony, as it swims in its own element.  A pair of fish is a sign of harmony and the joys of marriage.

The tiger symbolizes power, passion and daring.  A rebellious, colorful and unpredictable character, he commands awe and respect from everyone.  This fearless and fiery fighter in Chinese culture is revered as the sign that wards off the three main disasters of a household:  fire, thieves, and ghosts.

I am the delightful Paradox.
All the world is my stage.
I set new trails ablaze;
I seek the unattainable,
And try the untried.
I dance to life’s music
In gay abandon.
Come with me on my carousel rides
See the myriad colors,
The flickering lights.
All hail me the unparalleled performer.
I am the Tiger.
— Author unknown

QT Kitty

“QT Kitty” is a “baby tiger” symbolizing dignity and sternness, strength and courage.  Babies are cute and will grow up; cats belong to the tiger family.